Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Vampires Pt.4- Why Vampires Can't Exist (second part)

I've been hearing a lot about Vitamin D deficiency recently and how it works to cause osteoporosis and then it came to me... a reason why vampires can't exist. Vampires technically still have the skeletal system of a human. Or they should. There is no real reason why they wouldn't. So wouldn't they still be affected by osteoporosis as well? You get your vitamin D mostly by the sunlight. Vampires don't go out in the sun. So why is there not more vampires with osteoporosis. If you think about it, it's not like they are drinking milk. The only other explanation would be for them to take supplements the rest of their life, otherwise, they'd fall apart.

Just a random thought...

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Guest Blog- Kendal Corbitt

Today I'm joined by Rachel and Cole from Kendal Corbitt’s upcoming release FIRE ONE THE WATER, a story loosely based on the three little pigs and the big bad wolf.

Blurb: One by one, Rachel Milo has been forced to watch her neighbors sell their homes to Wolfe Developments. When three become two, only her and Cole Karson remain on the Lake. As pressure from Wolfe Developments mounts to sell and she is pushed closer to Cole, it gets harder to deny her growing attraction for a man whose past could destroy her future.

Disaster strikes and Rachel is almost killed in a fire one night while she is deep asleep. She must seek help from the one man who she vowed not to let near her. Even if she can’t trust Cole with her heart, she is forced to trust him with her life. Together they must work to figure out the real reason Vivian Wolfe is so determined to own the lake.

It sounds like you two have known each other for awhile. How long has it been and tell me, what was your first meeting like? How come you waited so long to date?

Rachel: Well, I’ll go first. I guess we met when my propane tanks were emptied and I almost froze to death in Grandpa’s cottage. Cole wasn’t too pleased to have me bunking on his stinky, lumpy couch, but it was a snow storm and I couldn’t get into town. Believe me, his place wasn’t the first home I tired but he was the only other person who was crazy enough to stay up at the lake during winter.

Cole: I remember that. I offered to share my bed, so don’t complain about the couch. That was your choice.

Rachel: Right, because I was just going to hop into bed with you. Anyways, I guess you can see why it took us awhile start dating. He’s kind of standoffish.

Cole: Oh you love it. I’m charming, you just need to get to know me. The real reason we didn’t start dating was because you had ga-ga eyes for Ryan and didn’t acknowledge I existed.

Rachel: Ryan? Uhm, no. Great guy, great friend, but I’ve never wanted more. The reason I kept my distance from you was because you scared the crap out of me. I knew there was something dangerous about you, something I couldn’t put my finger on and after the whole Vivian Wolfe thing, I was right. You’re a dangerous man, and I love it.

Tell me a bit about Vivian Wolfe and Wolfe Developments. What has she been up to?

Cole: Serving ten to fifteen in a padded cell. Next question, please.

What’s one secret you’ve never told the other about when you were a teenager? What’s something that most people wouldn’t know?

Rachel: You go first.

Cole: Wimp. Fine. Well when I was younger I was the king of Nicky Nicky Nine Door.

Rachel: What the heck is that?

Cole: You really have led a sheltered life haven’t you? Forget it, your turn.

Rachel: I told my prom date, Jordon Murphy, I was gay so I didn’t have to kiss him and feel bad about it.

So Rachel, that opens up a must ask question. Have you ever kissed a girl or gone to that side of the fence before?

Rachel: No.

Cole: Just no? Not even some summer camp mischief? I’ve got cable and an active imagination, so don’t deny me babe.

I’ve recently seen your cover and it’s pretty great. What do you think about it?

Rachel: Love it! It mixes all the elements of our story together and includes a dose of heat.

Cole: It’s a cover. I don’t read. Especially romance.

Rachel: Our book is erotic romance, Cole. You’d like it. There is sex in it - very hot, makes me tingle sex.

Cole: Really? Oh. Well then, I love the cover. Where do I buy it? Is it coming to cable?

Rachel: You really are a pig, do you know that?

Cole: If there is hot sex, why would I not be into it? Remember when I caught you spying outside Ryan’s cabin? Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about.

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