Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A new breed of monsters

Monsters don't always hide in the closet or under beds.

Where in the past we used to see creatures of the night as villains such as Dracula, now, these beings are often being seen as heroes and heroines of their own story. Take a walk through the paranormal romance shelves for instance. You'll find vampires who although they need blood to survive also are looking for acceptance and love. Or were-creatures who turn furry (whether it's only by full moon or at at will is another post), needing the company of a mate. This doesn't even include faeries and ghosts and all other supernaturals. Sometimes, it's the HUMANS who are the monsters.

From dark monsters who kill ruthlessly, we've seen a rapid progression of the new times. And it's not just books. If you turn on the tv, you'll find shows as well that are following suit. Just look at Being Human. The show closely follows the lives of the ghost of a woman who was murdered by her ex-fiance, a vampire who although he may or may not have killed his family fights the urges constantly, and a werewolf afraid of what he's capable of doing on full moons.

Do you like this new wave of supernaturals or would you prefer your monsters dark and blood thirsty?


  1. It is a hard call. I have read a few paranormals where I can't get into the hero's head as a vampire. On the flip to that, I was hooked years ago because of Angel and Spike from the Buffy series.
    If I can connect with the hero, then I am in and rooting for him to find the peace he needs. I am most interested in finding an author who takes what has quickly become the 'normal' and makes it new and fresh.

  2. I love Being Human (the Brit version; haven't watched the American version yet). I really like the idea of supernatural creatures living in our world and trying to fit in. I'll watch tv shows, read books, etc.

    However, I've noticed when writing I like when the monsters stay closer to their original make. But, really, I love 'em all. :)

    -Audrey (aka RS;)