Friday, November 18, 2011

How I Write-- Handling the Holidays

With the holidays' coming up, we're focusing this week on our holiday plans such as-- what are you cooking? Or planning to/looking forward to eating the most if you're not cooking? And how are you planning on balancing your writing with your real life obligations? Or are you not writing?

While my accountability group is probably going to focus on Thanksgiving, since US turkey day is coming up, I'm going to look into the future to Christmas since I've already celebrated Thanksgiving.

Christmas time is a blur of activity. On the 23rd I hope to be on the train, headed for home. It's a 8- 10 hour ride I'll most likely spend reading , listening to music and snacking on my own version of trail mix (sour patch kids, chocolate and caramel popcorn). I may do some writing. It all depends on how much room I have. By the time I get home, it'll be late at night. As what happens every year, we'll finish off our shopping on the 24th. It's not like I can bring a lot back with me. I'm hoping this year to order things online and have them shipped to my parents (and pray they don't decide to peek).

I probably won't be doing much in the ways of baking. My mom will have done most of it before I got there. The tree will probably already be up as well. It usually is when I get there. I may write, if I have the time, but I'll also be focusing on the gifts and finishing them off for the family.

Christmas day, it depends. We wake and then open the gifts around 9-10. Sometimes breakfast is before. Sometimes not. We'll all sit on the floor or on chairs around the tree, take a few pics of the family then someone hands out a gift per person and work the way through. After clean up, calls are made to the rest of the family and that can take some time. Christmas is a writing day wash for me. Especially if we're doing dinner at my aunt and uncle's place. I'm not going to lug my computer with there.

Sometimes we don't go out for Boxing Day. I really hope we do this year though, because I'm looking to get a new camera and the sale would be nice. Again, no writing is done this day. By the 27th things start to slow down enough that I could consider getting out the laptop, however, by the 1st, I'll be back on a train.

I'll try to write what I can, but it's a very difficult week. Considering I have a writing pact with a friend, I really do need to. The pact is to finish the story we're currently working on by Jan 1st or we have to pay the other person $100 for books.

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  1. Good luck on keeping your side of the pact!

    I had to laugh when I read this line: "I'm hoping this year to order things online and have them shipped to my parents (and pray they don't decide to peek)."

    I HATE when the company doesn't put stuff in plain, nondescript boxes to ship it, especially this time of year! Can't hide huge boxes and if you ship to someone else, oh well! So much for surprises.

  2. Blur of activity might be an understatement. LOL It's wonderful that your family gets to spent Christmas together like this.

    I hope you get some writing in while you're visiting your family.

  3. I always have a rough time writing over the holiday's. I start with such good intentions, but the work never quite lives up to my plans.