Friday, December 9, 2011

How I Write-- An Open Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

I've been a very good writer this year (at least I think I was). I know you're busy preparing all the toys for the good boys and girls but I thought I'd send in my requests:
  1. a clone-- what better way to be more productive? The real me will stay at home and just concentrate on writing while my clone goes out and works or does the housework.

  2. a vitural reality system or holodeck-- because it's expensive to travel to do my research and the internet only goes so far to help me. Some things you just need to experience for yourself in order to evoke the right feeling and emotion in the writing.

  3. a time turner pocket watch like the one Hermione has in Harry Potter (note, this isn't the same one but it's a steampunk version and cool!)-- because those deadlines can creep up fast and I want to put out the best product possible. I promise I wouldn't abuse this ability too much.

  4. a replicator from Star Trek-- so that I don't have to worry about cooking. All I'd have to do is punch in what I want and the food item is synthesized. No matter what I'm craving, it's there at the press of a button. Yes, I could pick up the phone and call for delivery, but this is cooler and faster and gives you more options.

  5. an endless supply of Coca Cola and chocolate (although other candy may be substituted)-- I need my energy fix. How else am I going to tempt the muse out and bribe it for its secrets?

  6. a cat wrangler-- seriously, how many times do I need to get up off the couch a day to get the cats off the counter or to stop knocking my books from the bookshelves, or jumping up and knocking boxes down? I can assure you, that's precious time spent away from my book.
As you can see, my list isn't all that demanding. Just a few little items that would make this writer immensely happy.

Alexia Reed

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  1. Love your list. I want a replicator too so I don't have to listen to my kids say there's nothing to eat. LOL

  2. These are some awesome ideas! Love it. I've been wanting a clone, or at least someone to do all the unfun jobs for a while now.

    #6. Good luck! If it's any consolation, kids aren't much better. Granted they do eventually speak the same language, but then sometimes you wonder if that's really true.