Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

Conference time is coming up. Despite all that's going on with the RWA, I can't help but be excited to go to DC and meet the others. It'll be the second time I've gone to the US so it'll be a great experience, not just because I'll be pitching to the Harlequin Mira line. But, there's only... approx 2 weeks left and I have a lot to get done by that point. So this week, I've decided to list the 13 things left I have to do before I go off to the conference.

1. 3 synopsi for work. I don't know if I'll get them done, but I need to. Especially when I have one author meeting lined up right after I return.
2. Synopsize Fatal Visions.
3. Make the first 3 chapts sparkle, because you never know what may happen and I want to be prepared for any scenario.
4. Write and practice my pitch. I'm going to be a bundle of nerves. *sigh*
5. Buy a dress and skirts and shoes... and... yeah... this is going to need a whole new wardrobe LOL. Unfortunately I haven't found anything yet that works or looks ok.
6. Get my hair done. I want to cut my hair shoulder length and highlight/lowlight it. Right now, my hair is almost midback... and I figure it'll be way too hot come July to have that much hair.
7. Pack. I have to figure out how to pack everything I'll need, but still have enough room to bring back books and stuff cause um yeah...
8. Make sure hedgie has everything she needs to have a sleepover.
9. Set up my dvr to tape my shows...such as Merlin.
10. Bake some treats for the trip! I'm thinking some muffins for morning... and cookies and whatnot.
11. Need to buy something that cannot be specified to bring down.
12. Remember to bring business cards.
13. Exchange contact info, just in case, cause I know I'll get lost at some point that week. LOL

Anything I'm missing? Any tips on going to conference, being in DC... etc?


  1. So jealous of peopel heading to DC. I haven't been to DC in more than a decade and conference in almost that long. I do not envy the time of year, though. DC is HOT in July. Drink plenty of water, relax and have a good time!

  2. Very smart T13! If you lose your paper check list, you can log on and see it on your blog!

    Did you design your blog? It rocks, girl. I so want the guy in the picture. Just give me ten minutes with him, and I bet I could get him to forget all about that blond chick. LOL!

    We don't have a T13 up today because its a Midnight Brew Thursday and our guest is Georgia Evans, author of the new book Bloody Good. :) Stop by and check it out.


  3. I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time. Take at least one pair of comfortable shoes. :)

  4. Lucky you! I'm sure you'll have a blast. Happy T13!

  5. I can't wait until I get to go to the conference! Have a great time!

  6. Your blog reminds me I have a LOT to do before conference. Just a could always ship back the books you get so you have more room in your suitcase...of course, that may cost an arm and a leg or a first-born child.
    Good luck packing and prepping and see you in DC!

  7. Ack! Your blog reminds me of all the stuff I need to do before conference, too. And it's a LOT!
    Only advice I have is to remember to wear light clothing but bring a light-weight sweater/cardigan for the AC freeze-out in the hotel. Oh--and a bathing suit if you're brave enought (I am not and will probably only partake in socializing by the pool...not in it).
    Have a safe trip and see you in DC!

  8. That's a lot to do! Have fun!


    My TT is at

  9. Okay. Now I want to know what the unspecified item is. LOL. Of course I do.
    Sound like a lot. Hang in there. And have a wonderful time.

  10. Enjoy, I am so jealous!!

  11. Don't forget underwear. I went on a big trip such as this once and forgot underwear! Ack!

    Have a ton of fun! Hugs!

  12. Have fun and remember to take time to relax.
    Happy T13