Saturday, June 20, 2009


Being a writer is not an easy road. I haven't been a serious writer all my life. In fact, I hadn't really earned that title until a year ago when I decided it was time to stop playing around and finish the novel I'd begun in highschool. Oh that book got done. But two, three versions later of rewriting the same main concept over and over again, and I decided I needed to take a stand. I couldn't keep rewriting what was already done ad nauseum, not if I wanted to get somewhere.

That road was a rocky one. After finalizing the first draft, things weren't as smooth as I wanted them to be. Despite having done different versions in the past, there were still plot holes and scenes that needed work. I remember thinking it was done, of being satisfied. Setting it aside for a month, and then going through it again, once more before sending it off to my amazing crit partner. Then I got things back. Oh there were things I expected, problems revealed that even I could see. Her suggestions were good and I realized I still wasn't done. So off I went to work on the second draft. And a third. And... well you get the point.

Fact is, even once it's finalized and as clean and clear as it possibly can be, there will still be things that will crop up and this includes writing queries and synospi, pitching at Nationals to editors and agents... and everythign else afterward. And once that's done, I'll do it all over again with the next book which is another story altogether because this one is being worked from the ground up for the first time in ages.

This blog will not just be about the publishing industry, but my path as a writer. And please, leave a comment, I always love hearing about the opinions and thoughts of others.

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