Tuesday, June 15, 2010

How I Write-- Idea Creation

Brainchild of Ansha Kotyk, How I Write is a weekly blog series all about writing and the different styles we all have. Click on the banner to go to the homepage and visit other participants or click below. This week is all about idea creation and how we come up with them.

For me, ideas have always come fairly easily. Anything can really inspire me, from something I've seen on tv (the History channel in particular), a song, heck even the rustle of the trees as I walk by could conjure ideas of what could be in there. I've always had an overactive imagination so it was no real surprise when I was a kid and I drifted off into my own thoughts. I'd sit on the hour- hour and a half- bus ride and just look out the window and daydream of boys and adventures and first kisses.

Grown, I still will drift off into a daydream. It's easy on the bus where you don't need to pay attention or while walking home. Everything has the potential to be a story.

i.e. Fatal series-- two Playstation games. I was hooked when I was in highschool playing Medal of Honor and Final Fantasy. I was in love with Squall so my J.C. was modeled after his looks. Medal of Honor... secret missions, war... guns... enough said.

-a few scenes from 2nd book in the Fatal series were based on songs such as: "For Your Entertainment" by Adam Lambert and "I'd Come for You" by Nickelback. Songs are particularly powerful for me and once a song grabs me, it's a repeat song that I listen to all day, pretty much every day.

Muse series--I got this idea from a show on Nostradamus and 2012.

My pirate story-- Came last year when pirates took a captain hostage. I was watching a news clip on it and couldn't help but think that it made a good story when things were flipped around a bit.

My time travel-- a friend told me about someone she knows who does re-enactments and the idea was borne of a little B&B with secrets.

Ideas are all around. What matters is how a person turns them into something more. I call these ideas and the motivation behind them my muse crack. Everything I do, everything I write is based on this muse crack.

For the most part, when I get an idea, it's not the "plot". I don't think in terms of plottiness. First comes the characters and from there... each step as I write builds the plot. I suppose you could say I have a very primitive, bare outline, but honestly, I can't even call it that. It's a mess. Really.

But the point is to let the ideas come. Let everything in. Even if they are bad. You may not jot them down, they may not be the next best seller but you need those bad ones to get the good ones. And if not, then what's motivating you?

Next week: Character/World Building

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  1. Alexia,
    This is an awesome post. I love how you list your wips and how you got your ideas. I hadn't thought of that! Ideas do come from everywhere and everything that we're exposed to. Our crazy brains just rearrange the puzzle pieces to create something new. Love it! Thanks for posting!

  2. I enjoyed this post. I forgot about songs - those are definitely inspirational.

    Video games. Ah, so many people think games are just mindless time-wasters but there are many fantastic games out there with wonderful characters, good writing and exciting storylines. Oh and I, too, loved Squall from the Final Fantasy series.

  3. Oooh, I love time travel. I've been wanting to try my hand at that but it scares me a little. I also love getting ideas from popular culture - music, movies, etc. The History Channel, LOL -- I need to spend more time watching TV!

    Thanks for the great post, Alexia!

  4. Thank you for sharing the specifics on where some of your ideas came from. I guess daydream would be a good way of describing where my ideas come from and how I develop them.

  5. Songs are a must for me too. Especially the ones that tell their own story. I love a good song that has a start, middle and end. For example: I love, LOVE, LOVE: Sugerland's "Stay". It is country for those of you who hate country, but you can not deny the story. Check it out at www.jango.com if you want. Awesome character growth in only 3 minutes of singing.