Thursday, August 25, 2011

How I Write-- Writing Caves

I'm part of a goals group and last week I challenged them to a series of writing related blog posts, once a week in a version of our own, 'How I Write'. This week, we're going to be discussing our writing caves.

I don't really have a cave per se. Maybe one day I will, but for the moment, there's no point. I live alone (well, except for the trouble twosome), so the most distraction I get is either the cats being bad. Once a week, if everyone's able, I do go out to a coffee shop on Sundays to meet some writerly-friends I'd met during NaNoWriMo, but for the most part, my writing cave consists of a couch. lol.

A few weeks ago, however, I gave in to the urge and purchased a computer chair. I write at the table when it's not being occupied. Mackenzie has taken a like to it and if I'm there so that she can't, she is constantly at me to play with her. I guess she can't get settled elsewhere so she figures since she's up, she might as well bother me. lol.

For the most part though, the couch is where I plot and write. It may not be professional looking, but it's comfy. The tv doesn't bother me too much. I need background noise to write, so it's just a bonus.

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  1. Your writing area looks like the perfect breeding ground for muse crack.

    I think MacKenzie is trying to coax you out of her chair so she can get in it.

  2. Looks like someone has already staked a claim on your chair!

    And, to my way of thinking (and writing,) comfy is more important than professional when it comes to a good writing space!

  3. Nice couch! I get tired of sitting in my desk chair after so long, which is why I gravitate to my recliner. Comfort is important if you want the words to flow!

  4. I love your writing cave. I have a chair but it's not that comfortable so I usually end up writing and sitting on my couch or bed or with one of the chairs in the living room.