Friday, September 2, 2011

How I Write- Writing Routine

This week in How I Write, Danie posed a great question. She asked us what our writing routines were like.

Writing Routines

I'd like to say that I have a routine but really, I don't. During the last month of revisions, I have been writing until 4-5am and then crashing until noon, waking up and starting at 3pm. That seemed to work for me. I think I tend to be more of a night-time writer. I know I'm definitely not a morning one. lol.

Usually, I wake up, take a few hours to fully become conscious (I don't drink coffee so it can be a slow process). I'll watch some tv, browse the net, whatever. If I have to crit, what I was finding was that I can crit first up to 3pm, and then at this point, force myself to move on to my own stuff. That said, I'm currently not working so this doesn't always work. When I was working, I'd write from 8:30-9am and then 7-11pm.

The point of writing is to do it. If I get a chance or am up to it before 3pm, I do it. I try to take advantage of my time however I can.

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  1. "The point of writing is to do it." Otherwise it's just thinking or talking, right? I saw a great quote once... "We all have routines whether we think we do or not. The real question is how are they working for us?"

    It's hard without a lot of external constraints placed on our time, isn't it?

  2. I read a book on writer's block & the author felt that writers flail around and tend to be less productive if they have no constraints on their time. I tend to agree with her.

    While I prefer to write in the early afternoon, it doesn't always happen. You've nailed it--we have to write whenever (or wherever) we can!