Friday, February 3, 2012

How I Write-- 3 Things I Love about my WIP

What do you love about your current story? What keeps you motivated? Kimberly Farris asked this question to our accountability group this week. Here are 3 things I love about Seducing the Shadows.

1. When you've had characters in your head for over ten years, there's a bond there. These two characters in particular are some of my favourites. They've gone through a lot and I know all of their secrets. They are the force that drives the story. Without them, it would be a very boring book.

2. There's something about songs that can just 'fit' a story and evoke emotion. When something fits, I'll listen to it, over and over again until the song is branded by the story and it can be no other. When I'm feeling even a bit frustrated or needing motivation, I turn to my playlist.

For example, this song by Skillet. It's my series song.

3. Sometimes, when I'm blocked and need an extra boost of motivation I play games. Now, it can't be one of those thinking games. It has to be mindless shooting or something like that where I can just think. It's a great plotting device.

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  1. Oh, yeah. Monster is the perfect song for your series.

    When I get stuck or need to get into a scene, I'll listen to songs on my story's 'soundtrack'. It's cool how the music can but in the right mindset or get me back on track.

    Thanks for Skillet video. Love them.

  2. Helps to have two or more WIPs on the go. Does not help to have newspaper deadlines looming because those articles drain energy and are gone in a week.