Monday, February 6, 2012

If Atlantis was a Resort

Underwater hotel in Dubai.
When I think about Atlantis, I think of these following images and how cool it'd be if it was found today. If it was turned into a resort/or even just a hotel, I think it'd look similar to those in these pictures. And how cool would that be?
Atlantis was a legendary island mentioned in Plato's dialogues Timaeus and Critias, written about 360 BC. He wrote about the naval power, located in front of the Pillars of Hercules, conquering many parts of Western Europe and Africa. Then in a single day and night, the island sank into the ocean.

Scholars have disputed Plato's story and how much of it may have been inspired by older traditions. In Critias, Plato claims that his accounts of Atlantis come from a visit to Egypt by an Athenian named Solon in the 6th century BC. There in Egypt Solon supposedly met a priest of Sais, who translated the history of Atlantis, recorded on papyri. There's some debate however that Plato could have drawn upon the Thera eruption and the Trojan War, or the destruction of Helike in 373 BC.
Nautilus Undersea Suite at The Poseidon Resort, Fiji

Many treasure hunters have sought the legendary civilization but to this day, it's location is still a mystery. There are some theories out there (not only of Santorini, Sardinia, Cyprus, the Azores, Thera & Crete, but also the Sahara, Malta, Bimini, South America, Antarctica, the Canarys, North Sea and the Middle East), but as of yet, no evidence has truly been found.

One of the latest theories is that a US-led research team believe they have found Atlantis off Spain, swamped by a tsunami. The team analyzed satellite imagery of a submerged city north of Cadiz, Spain and found what they believe is the ancient civilization. They found a series of "memorial cities", built in Atlantis' image, possibly built by refugees after the city's destruction.

Using Plato's accounts of Atlantis being in front of the straits of the Pillar of Hercules, the researchers focused on the Mediterranean and Atlantic as possible sites.

Whether they did find it or not, more investigations need to be done. Do you think Atlantis will ever be found? Or do you think it was just a made up story? What are some of your favourite aspects of the tale of the ancient Atlanteans and their mysterious world?


  1. back in H.S my mom was really into psychic stuff, and she had our "past lives" read. Apparently I was on atlantas. So.. there's that.

  2. December that's very cool! Any weird dreams? ;)

  3. I think Atlantis will be found again if it's meant to be found. Love those pictures. Very cool topic. I'm a fan of most legends and tales and I love reading about the possibilities related to Atlantis.

  4. Kinley, I agree! I love hearing about all the various possibilities surrounding it.

  5. Atlantis is a myth--and was considered so in Plato's time and beyond. There is just no evidence to support its existence.

    Still, the characters in my thriller "Emerald" speculate about the location of an advanced Neolithic civilization on what is now the Kerch Peninsula in Crimea.


    Brian January

  6. i thought it was a myth too,but this March 2011 documentary "Finding Atlantis" got me thinking....i mean it really the first time that there r some actual evidence to support the theory of its location rather than pure speculation...i hope they find the funds quickly and start the digging

  7. I agree! It would be very interesting to see what they do find.