Saturday, March 27, 2010


There's something I don't get: zombies. The fad of zombies is among us, starting with Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. I'll admit it here and now: I'm not a fan. Especially if it's a romance. Why? They are rotting corpses with cravings for flesh and brains for starters.

So not sexy.

Secondly? I'd be worried about parts falling off during... ahem... more intimate moments. For me zombies= not sexy.

What made me think about this? This scary article by It's all about the scientific reasons a zombie apocalypse could happen including parasites, neurotoxins, a virus, neurogenesis and nanobots. Yeah... try going to bed with all the lights off after reading that... If you have an over-active imagination as is, you start thinking of things crawling out of the closet or breaking through the window and climbing into your basement apartment in which you sleep on the couch.

But what's this?: an article on survival tactics in case those pesky zombies decide to take over, although most of what they say are tactics should really be common sense. Raid a gun store? Um yeah. Get out of town? Duh. Aim for the head? Well heck, remember the over-active imagination? Where else would I aim???

So zombies in romances? Yeah, so do not understand. If I ever write a zombie, it will be used as target practice or some such. Main char? I'll pass on this fad. kthnxbai.

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