Saturday, March 6, 2010


Some days the writing controls you... other days you control the writing.

Think there's a difference? There is and I'm finding this out more and more these past few months. With work being on the foremost part of my mind these days, I'm finding that instead of the writing being the one that demands my time, I'm having to force myself to even get a few words down.

Not to say that I haven't been, but it makes me realize just how much that I am controlling my characters right now, forcing myself to get those words on page when I didn't have to before because it was my characters who wouldn't shut up and would demand my attention.

My writing mojo has taken a hit.

It's something that all writers deal with. Stress in life is all around us-- whether it's work or family or whatever. There's always going to be something there that will make it hard to get to those daily pages.

It's time to take back writing...

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