Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Day 3- RWA Conference

Day three started early. Up at 7, out by 8ish to head to the Rogue Digital Meeting. Kai and I stayed a bit then slipped out early to go to the Opening Session with Janet Evanovich. I've read a couple of her books, I'll admit I haven't read a lot by her but her speech was heart warming. She told us about how she was unpubbed for like 10 years... and had a crateful of rejections before she got a contract. It was here, when Kai and I were looking for a table that I noticed someone who look familiar.

Who might that Diva be that was passing right by us?

Sam! So of course we flagged her down. And might I say that she's adorable and nice? Because she is. Oh and this is just aside because I didn't put it in before but apparently sweet tea is what I usually know as Iced Tea... and ice tea down there is unsweetened blahness.

The three of us decided to go to the general meeting. Yes, we went, sat down to listen and show our support to RWA Change. Um yeah, that was a flop. Everyone expected it, were waiting for it but no one had the Resolution in hand. Genuine surprise amongst everyone on the board it seemed. So the meeting turned to regular questions... ten mins or so the Resolution is found, sent to someone's phone. Yeah... didn't go over well. Although it was read clearly, there needed to be a hard copy. In addition, it apparently needed to be handed in 120 days prior... and things had to be specified what they wanted to change. So yeah, no vote.

Lunch followed at the keynote luncheon with Linda Howard as the speaker. Can I just say that all of the speakers were awesome? Because they were and way too motivational.

2:00 started the workshops. Kendal and I took off to go to Honing your Pitch. It was great. We got some good information out of it that helped me when going into my pitch session on friday.

From there it was the Avon book signing and one thing I should have figured but didn't, was how many people would be crammed in a small room. And I don't mean authors. I got claustrophobic after so long of being jostled around and having no room to get around. It was... crazy but I got a lot of books and saw some authors I love, others who I've never read but sound interesting. At this signing in particular I noticed a LOT of historical writers.

Then up to the room Kai and I went cause it was changing time into evening dress clothes. Black dress. Strappy gladiator heels... We headed off site to go to the Passionate Ink party and then after that the FF&P party. The night didn't end there however, and soon we were headed off to a gay cowboy karaoke bar with the rest of the divas... where... there were drag queens putting on a show. I'll admit I didn't quite know what to think. I wasn't too comfortable when they went up into the crowd of people. Some divas got brought up on stage to dance. It was interesting. Upstairs was where a bunch of divas already were. And might I say divas can SING?! Cause yeah.

At 12:30am it was time to go back. I needed to work on my pitch because my appointment was that morn at 9 and I wasn't ready. At all.

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