Friday, July 10, 2009

What's your clothing brand?

There's so much talk about finding your brand as a writer lately. I'll admit I'm a bit intimidated by that notion, because your brand as an author encompasses everything about how you look and present yourself at conferences, your website, business cards, Twitter, facebook, bookmarks... so many different things that need to be thought about. I keep hearing that your brand needs to work with your writing style and I can understand that.

At the Romance Divas chat last night, we were discussing at one point what to wear at conference and a wonderful diva and friend, Sela Carsen, pointed out how we should dress as we write. This took me off guard, I'll admit. But the more I thought about it, the more what she said made sense about what we write shining through to how we lean toward certain clothing attire and whatnot.

Therefore, if you write darker romance, suspense-like tones (like me), dark colours in clothing could work if it's a more classier sexier dark top. Your cards and website would also have a darker appeal to them. You may wear jeans and a ragged top or sweats while you work on your novel but how you present yourself at conference should be clean and professional. Perception is everything.


So how are you going to dress? What's your brand?

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