Saturday, July 25, 2009

RWA Conference: Day Two

The moment the conference began, there wasn't much, if any free time. The only free time really was on Wednesday, with the Literacy Signing starting at 5. I was at Kai's still, worrying about my pitch. I was just getting around to what would be the first pitch revision. We left in time to gather a few things and do a bit of shopping before getting to the hotel to change and get ready.

Up in the room we were met by the lovely Cambria and the awesome Teresa. The six of us (Kendal, Chrissy, Cambria, Teresa, Kai and moi) headed to the lit signing, where we stood in line for what was like 30 mins or more. Probably closer to 40. In the meantime, while we waited, the lines gathered and gathered... and did loops around the room. And then... they let us in and the frenzy began. It was literally push and shove to get anywhere. At one point I was going to follow Teresa around but lost her in my fan squee moment at Cherry Adair's table. I had to get a book... and by then I had found Kai (who I then latched on to).

There was no cell reception. I knew that. I'd tried to text a friend, Maya, earlier about what books she was interested in and if there was a particular author she wanted one from. But it didn't go through so I knew if we all were separated and the fact that there was no reception... well yeah that wouldn't be good.

So I went around with Kai, getting some photos, finding Eden Bradley, Jax, Kate Pearce and a few other divas, as well as some members from my Toronto chapter.

After 3 hours or so it was time to leave and we headed back to the room to dump our books before heading off to Mediterra for the Diva dinner. When we first go there it was quite full as was. By 9 or so we had to add more tables to add in more divas. I met Lori there and ran around the table to see Chi and MG and... it was great to see everyone.

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