Monday, November 16, 2009

Plot bunnies and new shinies

Nano count 33k

Ever get an idea that comes to you and you just get so excited that you're a bundle of energy/nerves all day? Yesterday was one of those days for me. An idea for a trilogy came along... whispering in my ear. What was I doing when I got this snippet? Watching the History channel. It was doomsday Sunday or something, talking about the Apocalypse and all the signs.

And although my idea has nothing to do with this, it still inspired a what if... and oooh that could be good. Only problem? It's time sensitive. As in... it needs to be done like pronto Toto. So after nano, I'll jump right in. I'll still work on my other projects, they can't avoid me that easily. I'll need to put down Fatal Temptations for a bit anyway to let it simmer.

I know many authors reccommend doing this, putting it down for at least a month. So I'll do that and work on this new idea.

But it does make me wonder some days how I get these thoughts. I mean, for the longest while it seemed as though the random thought would get through but nothing would stick. Lately my muse has been in overtime, doubling its efforts to pump out something that would resemble something interesting. Not that I'm complaining. At all. Indeed...

Those plot bunnies can come around whenever they want if they give me ideas like these...

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