Friday, November 27, 2009

What I've learned this week... that when you're at a past life workshop and everyone in the room is out of it... and the moderator begins to bring you out, and she touches your knee, to open your eyes because otherwise people will think you are in a living coma.

Ok so let me explain. I went to a past life workshop. I'm always interested in things like that (I won't get into my beliefs, this isn't the place to do so), so four of us decided we wanted to go and see what it was like. The woman was incredibly interesting. Not just everything she's done, but just who she is now. I would go back for more workshops.

So we went to this past life one and dimming the lights, putting on some white noise, she told us to close our eyes. It was like meditation, except you're picturing yourself going down a staircase and in fog... and going toward the moon or sun. Anyway, you're supposed to see a past life or have some vague idea. I'm not sure what I saw or what I believe. My mind's all over the place. I'm not sure how long we did it for. Just in the dark, eyes closed... picturing things. But anyway, it went on for a good bit of time.

And then she began to bring us back. Well, me being me (I'd make a GREAT cult follower because of it), kept my eyes closed. Why? She didn't say TO OPEN OUR EYES. All the way through, it was so instructive. Every step was drawn out for us. So I was waiting for that moment. I heard her snapping her fingers in front of others... felt her touch my knee. Still I kept my eyes closed. I mean come on, I figured that touch was just a sign to be coming back... and I didn't want to open my eyes and be the only one to. So I kept them closed. She kept on going on about coming out, moving figners, moving shoulders (And I could have sworn I did!). Apparently she was getting worried at this point and everyone was staring my way... and they were all looking for movement that I didn't give but thought I did. And then she pressed two fingers on my knees... followed by to my shoulders. When she said open your eyes... THEN I opened them. To see everyone watching me.

Embarassed? Yes that would be me. SO in other news... if you're evern in the same situation, open your eyes.

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