Friday, September 9, 2011

How I Write-- What inspires you to start/keep writing?

Books can be hard to start at times. All those blank pages can be overwhelming at times. ESPECIALLY, if you're starting with action. I don't know about you, but fighting scenes are the hardest for me to write.

So how do I get started?

I listen to music. A lot of it. I play it loud so that it blocks out the world and focus on my chars. Sometimes the first sentence will pop up, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes a line for the lyrics will snag something from my brain.

However, before this whole process starts, I usually will surf the net (a lot) or go on Pinterest and look at the images, hoping they'll spark ideas. I look for ideas of clothing, of objects the characters may have or use, of what their room may look like, etc. I pool it all together to get a better impression of the main characters and their life.

Sometimes random scenes will jump out at me. Usually these are highly charged and exciting. Scenes I can't WAIT to write. So I jot them down and usually some lines, if I remember them so that I don't forget. I'm bad, especially at night, if I get an idea, not jotting it down. I can guarantee by morning I'll forget. But during the day while the computer is open, I can easily go into the World Bible and jot those notes down. Because I write a series, I don't have tons of World Bibles. The whole world exists in one file so it's easy to find.

Getting to the end of a project is harder than starting. Yes, some ideas will flow as I write but there are times I'll get stuck. This is where I bug someone and pester them with questions or brainstorm with them. Sometimes, you just need that other person's thoughts. I'm lucky to be surrounded by a lot of great writers and friends. I'm not a first draft plotter. I'm more of a second draft plotter, so writing that first draft is a writing as I go process. However, music will always revive my inspiration.

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  1. Music helps me get started writing as well as keeps me writing. I love getting lost in the music and lyrics.


  2. I get carried more by the music and the beat/rhythm/tempo which is why I like Peter Gabriel's Passion soundtrack so darn much. Wish I could find more out there like it.

    I'm really avoiding the temptation to go look at Pinterest. Good thing you didn't make it easy and provide a link. ;)

  3. I've found that HIGH FOCUS by Kelly Howell really does help me concentrate.

    And I scribble down random thoughts/ideas when them come to me (at least, most of the time)--I don't dare trust myself to remember them!

    Great post!