Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Time Travel-- A breakthrough in the Speed of Neutrinos

Do you remember the post I did a few weeks ago about time travel and it not being possible, because scientists had demonstrated that a photon couldn't be sped up beyond the speed of light?

Well, physicians at CERN have had a breakthrough. According to Reuters and BBC, scientists have claimed to have recorded neutrino particles going faster than the speed of light. What does this mean? It means that Albert Einstein's theory of relativity- that nothing can exceed the speed of light- could be wrong.

After thousands of experiments, no result of a particle breaking the limit had ever been documented. The last three years, however, Dr Ereditato and his colleagues have found that neutrinos may just do that.

The team had been preparing a beam of one type of muon neutrinos (neutrinos can come in a variety of different types and can change), sending them from Cern to an underground laboratory. The experiment had been to see how many show up as a different type (tau neutrinos). Instead, what they found was that the particles showed up a few billionths of a second sooner than the speed of light would over the same distance. After repeating the experiment 15,000 times, they reached the same statistical results.

If what was found is true, this could change a lot of what we know about the rules of physics. What do you think of these findings?

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