Sunday, September 25, 2011

Six Sentence Sundays

In the WIP I'm currently working on, the hero and heroine have a small little gesture they do throughout the book. It's nothing big, but even before they became more, they did it. It's a way for them to keep a connection. All they have to do is link their finger together to re-affirm their bond.

His palm curved around her arm as he slid a wide, leather bracelet over her wrist, securing it. She felt something cool against her wrist and realized the leather band concealed a small weapon. “Be safe. I’ll be listening. If you need help, I’ll be there.”

She nodded and slid her fingers along his, hooking their index fingers together a moment before she slipped away, back onto the dance floor.


  1. Aww. I like that a simple gesture grew to mean much more.

  2. I really like that :) ...but I'm biased 'cause I also love to put little gestures which which closeness between characters in my stories :)