Monday, September 7, 2009


I have an addiction.

There. I said it. I have an addiction and I'm not entirely sure where it started. You see, I have a problem with adventure style games like Final Fantasy or Age of Empires. It's one of those mindless games. Ok I'm sure others would disagree quite heartily but yeah, I can sit and just build the castle up and create troops... I started a game the other day. It's online and therefore free. I've joined an alliance and my castle is doing quite well.

Have I done much writing-wise? No, not really. I'll admit I've let that fall off the map a bit. I did however finish a scene today for Fatal Temptations. I'm quite happy about how it turns out, even if the characters aren't. Why? Because now I have more room and it sets the stage for more and I couldn't do that when they were all over each other. I needed a reason to separate them.

Anyway (I go off on'll notice that I'm sure, if you haven't already), part of the reason I like these games... it's because it allows me to daydream and "plot" in the loose sense of the word. I'm sure I've told this story before but that's how I got my first novel idea, through playing Final Fantasy and Medal of Honour.

So here I sit waiting for my level 5 warehouse to be built (another half hour) and for my gold levels to get higher before I can upgrade my wall to a level 6. And what is popping up in my head? Oh yes, little plot bunnies... I want to write a medieval. Paranormal preferably. Time to slot that down in the ideas folder.

What about you? What addictions do you have?

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