Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What do you write?

I'm a rule breaker.

I don't like being held in rigid confines. I'll admit that and when told I can't do something for instance because I haven't done it before, it well frankly, brings out the stubborn streak in me. I wanted to talk a bit about genres today. I am a prolific reader. I'll read romantic suspense, mystery, thrillers, paranormal romance, urban fantasy and even some sci-fi/fantasy. I started out reading thrillers and horror but they are just not for me.

Not anymore at least. I like being scared... and I don't like being scared at the same time. It's a thin line that I always walk. I'm the one who will watch paranormal episodes late at night in a pitch black room and then once it's done, get freaked out and thinking something is 'there' and will want the tv or something on for a source of light. I remember reading these horror books in public school. A couple stories have stuck with me over the years and I remember them... so there are things like the basement (because there's no door to go down there) that I'll just wonder if there's something down there, staring up into the kitchen... or I remember vividly a story where this teen was showering late at night and some creature broke through the bathroom window and went off with her. Um...yeah. Those stories are still in my head. So could I write horror? I probably could. I have the imagination for it. But it's not for me.

Sci-fi/fantasy I read a bit of. Not a whole lot. I enjoy it at times but could I write it? No. There's too much worldbuilding even for me to create and there's too much freedom there. I don't like rules to box me in but at the same time, I need some kind of invisible lines to keep me in check. I love though that almost anything goes and you can create new worlds.

Mystery I also like reading. And I'm thinking about the Anita Peabody series here. LOVE that series to bits. Elizabeth Peters weaves a story that captures my attention every time. Could I write a mystery like that? No. I don't even fool myself into thinking that I could. The amount of detail that has to go into it... and the plot twists, not possible for me. I'd love to, but I know my limits and there are only so much I can keep track of. I also think that any forensic thrillers and historicals fall under this as well. I'd love to write it, but I couldn't.

Romantic suspense... now that's something I love and do plan to write. I have the stories. They're all bottled up in my mind, but at the moment, they aren't exactly on the priority to do list. I love the tension... how some of the great authors can build up the tension slowly and have it all spiral at the end and completely hooks me.

No, as a writer, I know what category I fall under. And I belong in the paranormal romance/urban fantasy realm. There are just enough rules to keep me on track, and enough freedom to do what I want. I love the what ifs... where else can you write shifters or psychics and even vampires? I may not write vampires, but at least there is the ability to be able to write them should I want to.

What about you? Do you fall under a certain category? if so why/why not?


  1. I like romance. Period. I want the happy ever after, the romance to be the main plot, and I like a spicy love scene.

    But this can change... I'll go through phases where I want more chic lit, or something with a foreign scene (usually paris.)

  2. Yeah, I always need that happily ever after to my stories. That I will not budge from. And there will always be a flavour of romance.