Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Organizational systems

Someone told me yesterday that she follows the 'the busier she is, the more she gets done' rule. This boggles me. I'm not sure I follow under that way of thinking. I have issues. I can juggle a fair share but I'm pretty much at my peak right now with the learning curve of the job and then editing/writing at the same time. My job is not a 8-4 kind of job. Yes, those are the hours in the office but it is not uncommon for work to be brought home. In fact, it's just part of the job. It's not something you can just shut off and walk away from because there are always files you can send yourself or synopsi to work on.

My friend has a family. Add that to the mix. I can't even fathom how she does it all. I honestly don't because her kids are doing so many interesting and great things.

I'm part of a group called the Accountability Goals (AC Goals) I suppose. Since I've joined, I've become a lot more productive than I was. I was a procrastinator (I still have my tendencies) and it took years to get anything done with my novel because it was always...'oh, I can do that tomorrow. I had a rough day'. And although that does happen where life does butt in and take over, most days, I'm getting more done. I have a daily writing goal (this week it's to work at least 30 mins a day on Fatal Temptations). Not too hard right? Definitely doable. I knew this week would be heavy at work so I adapted my goals. Some days it's to write 5 pages. Some days it's to edit. The second part is a daily writing life goal and blogging is one of those for the week, as well as write up queries and synopsi and crit. So many things fall under these categories.

I'm not a spreadsheet person. I've seen some very elaborate, very organized ones and I must say I am floored over those who can be THAT organized. My sense of organization or knowing what to do is more of writing up lists and going about things as what is the top priority and what isn't. I do lists... and I am usually fairly good at knowing what I need to do.

Granted, my brain doesn't always remember but 8 out of 10 times I'll remember something that needs to be done. We discussed this in AC at one point and some I remember set alarms... or reminders to come up on their computers. Others had the spreadsheets that just wowed me... or used calendars. It's hard because I don't HAVE a system. I do up lists and that's about the extent of my planning. But I'm always interested in finding new ways.

Do you have a certain system that helps you be productive? What makes you cross of things on your to-do list?

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