Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Thursday 13

I'm a how-to nut. I'll admit that. As a writer, because I don't know everything, I'll often google. I was in the wiki-how to the other day and thought I'd share some of their articles.

13 how-to articles

1. I'm actually surprised there are so many 'how to kiss, how to remove a hickey, how to know if a guy/girl likes you' articles
2. Get rid of fruit flies. I'll admit I searched this one. I got swarmed with them when I got back from vacation.
3. Hack a coke machine... just because never know when it'll eat your money.
4. Pick a lock and with household items. I suppose cracking a combination lock would also fall under this one. I've also checked this one out before when a character needed to break into a place.
5.Pass a drug test... another thing I looked up for a scene
6. Cheat a lie detector test
7. How to calculate PI by throwing frozen hot dogs (ok this one just amused me)
8. Ok this one also amused me: do nothing. Um... you need an article to know how to do nothing?
9. How to calculate your age by chocolate (ROFL!)
10. Start a fire with sticks (cause my chars are out in the middle of nowhere without matches or lighter)
11. How to tell if it's a two-way mirror
12. Because one of my chars does this... build a fish tank out of an old tv
13. Escape from handcuffs. Just cause... you never know when you may be in such situations... like two of my chars who are handcuffed together and are on the run from trackers in the isolated mountains...


  1. Oh please post the Pi hot dogs on RD's. That is wayy too funny. And too bad on the coke machine. I wanted a free coke! Waaaah!Good stuff here though. All helpful info.

  2. I think everyone should know how to get out of handcuffs...just sayin'
    Happy T13!

  3. I'm with Adelle. Never know when you'll need to know how to get out of handcuffs.
    Great list! very informative!

  4. I thought the fishtank from a TV thing was a cartoon thing.

  5. Love the Pi hot dogs! :)

    I have a two-way mirror in my WIP. My MC thinks it probably is, but doesn't know how to tell for sure. I'll use some of this info to let the reader know it actually is one. Thanks!

  6. Hmmm .... escape from handcuffs. Very interesting. *wink* Great list, Alexia! Happy Thursday!

  7. Lot's of interesting how-to articles. The only thing that works to hide a hickey is #4 in the article. Not that I would know anything about that. ;)

  8. Wow, you come up with the best lists! I am bookmarking the articles on lock picking and getting out of handcuffs. My characters are always finding themselves in trouble! The PI by throwing hot dogs had me rofl. Definitely post it on Divas! Happy Thursday!

  9. LOL! Those are too funny!


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  10. I need the "escape handcuffs" one. LOL.

  11. Everything a girl needs to know and then some... Great list! I'll bookmark this for future reference.