Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

Monday the 14th is Excerpt Monday so I hope you don't mind a bit of pimping. This thursday 13 I want to talk a bit about EM.

1. Showcase your writing. EM is a great opportunity to:

2. Share with other writers.

3. Get new readership. Last month alone we had 40 participants. This doesn't include those who don't participate but are simply readers.

4. Network and get traffic to your blog/site.

5. Have a burning question about whether something works? Ask! I'm sure readers would be more than willing to tell you what they think.

6. Who can do EM? Anyone. Are you pubbed? Unpubbed? Aspiring? Do you have a new release coming out? Want to try out something new to get a feel of how your readers will take this change? Seriously, anyone can do this. We accept all ratings. We simply ask that you give us the rating of your entire site since we do have some PG writers out there and we wouldn't want their readership going to a NC17 by mistake. This is mostly why we rate the whole site, and not just the excerpt. Excerpts may be PG but if you have other posts or even images that aren't... it safest to rate the whole site for everyone.

7. What can you post? Anything. Fiction. Poetry. Be creative but the main thing is that you have fun. Seriously.

8. How long do you need to post? Really it doesn't matter. We've had people post a paragraph whereas others have put up pages. It all depends on how much you want to share with readers.

9. We've streamlined it to make it more user friendly. Like anything, things take time to learn and buld and figure out. There are learning curves to everything and this is no exception. We've stumbled a bit along the way but we're determined because Bria and I love this concept.

10. Soon to come we plan on showcasing our regular authors, hosting themed weeks, and a page for serial reads etc.

11. What do we need to set you up? Your penname, genre, site rating and the specific link where your excerpt will be posted. Excerpts should be posted 8:30am EST. Bria and I will then be going through links to make sure they are working and fix those that aren't. At 9:00 am EST Excerpt Monday goes live to readers.

12. Want to read a success story? Check out Jeannie Lin's story about her first participation in EM in which she received a particularly exciting comment from a stranger about her excerpt.

13. If you're interested and want to join us this month, please visit our site by clicking on the banner and checking out our guidelines.

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  1. I might actually give this a try. Hmm. Thanks for the info. :) Happy Thursday!


  2. One day I will have my act together in time to participate. It's a great idea and sounds like a lot of fun.

  3. It's a great idea. I do something similar every week called Snippet Saturday where a group of us post excerpts.

  4. Great pimping! :)

    I'm interested. I've heard mention of EM, but my pattern has been pretty full so I didn't follow it up.

  5. Great list! I can't wait for EM! Happy Thursday!

  6. I do this every month... I better get my butt in gear for this time!

  7. I love participating in EM. So far, most of my blog traffic has come from EM posts!

  8. I love reading the excerpts. You sold me on posting one. I am going to dig through my wip and try to find a good part to post this month. Happy Thursday!

  9. Em and I switch back and forth as to who is participating. I've put up excerpts from available, coming soon, and WIPs. Em does, too. It's a great way to give people a taste of your style and content, and a good way to find things you want to read.

  10. I always wondered who can participate in EM. Thanks for pimping it out!

  11. I've been totally wanting to do that! Off to visit the site so I can participate!


    My TT is at

  12. Excellent advertising for Excerpt Monday!